The very first creative shoot of several shoots I did in 2017, started with coffee. 

Kahealani volunteered to be my subject, to explore posture, movement and even play dress up. 

A goal of mine was to find my personal style. An editing style or a feel. It's difficult to explain what I am looking for, but I always see glimpses of it in grainy film-like black and whites. In truth, I'd prefer to shoot everything in black and white and only have a couple pictures in color. I wonder aloud if people want that, too. 


Sofa session styled with a high pony tail and beige fitted top. Light blues and pale pinks combined to create a soft 1950's vibe; something I hadn't encountered before. Movements are soft, yet edgy. I don't know what's at work here, but something about it resonates with me. -Perhaps the slightly blurry edges.


All photos taken and styled by M. Young Creative (C). Please contact for permission to use.