Why I Became A Freelancer, In Short

I became a freelancer because there weren't any jobs that fit who I was, am, will be. 

I couldn't stand the thought of sitting at a desk (unless it was my own) investing into businesses I didn't stand behind at all.

I was a barista once, a photo editor, a teller at a bank for a strangely long time. The truth is: while I was good at each of these jobs, each of them left me unfulfilled.

A few of those jobs led me here, actually. 

By the end of college, I felt free. I always had this feeling that I was going to do something different and great and empowering. 

And the panic-induced you've-gotta-make-this-work-now-or-never feeling that soon caught up with me once I quit my last and final job. It seemed crazy, I'm sure, to everyone else. But I knew what was right, what the good path was, even though I didn't know where it would lead. All I had was the drive to not fail, as terrible as that sounds. 

And that was the start of this freelance lifestyle I lead: the day I went in to give my two weeks notice but instead, was told to leave. It started with tears. And shock and being overwhelmed. I'd spent so much time investing myself into others' dreams that I forgot about myself...until that moment. 

I cried all the way home, disgusted. We've all worked for people who cut us down, tell us we're no good...well, it was exactly what spurred me to rise up and pursue a writing career. 

That day happened three years ago, and I haven't looked back since. Sometimes the worst situations turn belly-up and give you all the reasons to believe in yourself, to pursue not only what you'd like to do, but who you truly are. 

I'm a freelancer because there's too many amazing, awe-inspiring opportunities in this world to be unhappy. I'm a freelancer because I believe the gifts God has given me help others. I'm a freelancer because that's my spirit: do a little bit of everything, well.