Yuma Sunrise

This morning, I watched the sunrise from the window ledge

in Yuma, Arizona.

Face pressed to the camera,

50mm lens pressed against a window,

I click a few times to embed this morning, this sun

all its phases, in my eyes.

Red-orange beams glow around silhouettes of palm trees

thick aroma of Seattle's Best are just a few notes

on why I pursue this state as my home,

very soon.



I spent most of that morning

looking out upon mountain sihlouettes,

-amethyst and indigo in their steadfast presence-

writing and telling myself that a year


go fast, faster than I could imagine.

I told myself over and over again

like a mother tells her baby:

everything will be okay.


My shoulders ache from

my troubled thoughts rotating

over the rising steam of coffee.

A sip, a hot touch to my lips,

helps me rejoin the present moment

instead of tossing my energy

into the far-off

days, months, year ahead.


But some morning, 12 months from now,

it'll all be over. 

The year of waiting, 

between time zones.

There will be no more


Only hello.

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