The Vander Tuig's

I went to school with both Amanda and Justin! They're just as sweet as I remember, too. It was SO nice getting to ask them questions about their lives and get to know them a little. Everything changes after high school (thank God!) which makes taking photos of people really cool. It's like I get to have a second chance at life, at knowing them, for real this time. 

Photographing the Vander Tuig's was such a treat. Sheila, Paul, Justin and Amanda are some of the sweetest people. And really endearing and genuine. As a photographer, I really do feel comfortable around just about everyone! But this, I didn't want to stop taking photos. I wanted to go have coffee and just learn about their lives and what they do and all their plans and adventures and travels.  I was sad to say goodbye, which I know sounds weird but sometimes you just click with people. 

PhotographyMeagan Young