Remarks On My First Styled Shoot

For the first time ever, I'm doing a photo project. 

It's the morning after my first, 5-6 hour shoot, and I'm exasperated.

I didn't expect that. 

Kahealani, Styled Shoot

Kahealani, Styled Shoot

Below the curve of my shoulder, on my back, there is tension. A reminder of all the odd reaches and maneuvers I somehow pull off with a camera in one hand. The ring fingers -the straightest fingers I have- curve inward toward my palm as if they're still clutching, holding my camera up to my left eye.

Why was this styled shoot so exhausting? I can feel it everywhere in my body. Not quite a soreness, but a vulnerability. 

This is what I am pushing for, but also avoid. Being vulnerable as a creator leaves you word-less and energy-deprived and a little unsure. But the more you practice being vulnerable, the stronger you become at it. The less you feel weakened by it, hopefully. 

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