Emily & Zach

I was invited to shoot Emily and Zach's wedding reception this past fall. And I have to say that it was truly incredible. Rain was pouring hard on the metal roof of the barn. The lights gleaming and creating a warmth, a blanket around Emily and Zach as they danced. 

To see the work and preparation that went into this barn was humbling as it was an entire family affair. There's always a great amount of work to prepare for weddings but this was different. It was a more vulnerable process for me to witness. 

Several days spent hanging lights, nailing them to the rafters in the barn on the land Emily grew up on. All the hay was moved, walls were painted, cups of coffee were shared on the breaks between all the renovation.

I saw the lights and imagined how long ago the barn was built. The intention was for agriculture. To store up hay, cows, anything necessary for a family farm. I thought back to the moment the boards were nailed, the concrete was poured. Did they know their only daughter would occupy this place with her love one day?

Did they know that this barn would be a place of gathering for not only one, but several gatherings and family weddings, that it would be used for more than the family business. Did they know that God had another purpose for this barn when it was built? That's the tremendous beauty of it, of this place, of Emily and Zach's love. 

Photography, WeddingsMeagan Young